1987 Virago 700

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This is my 1987 Virago 700. It is near stock except for some select modifications to enhance reliability, comfort and handling. It has about 22,000 miles on it and doesn't use or leak oil.  
The front tire is a Continental Trail Attack and the rear is a Metzler Marathon. They really inspire the handling on all surfaces. They are stock sized tires to maintain as flat of profile as possible to maximize traction. The seat has been reshaped using the original plastic base. 
The most obvious modification here is the stainless steel air filter cover. Hiding is the single carburetor and custom built 1>2 manifold.  
Here is a photo of my 34mm Mikuni VM carburetor. The carb is a stock dirt bike carb. It is on the left side of the engine at an angle in front of my left leg. The bike runs smoothly and economically with the single carburetor It doesn't need or require any synchronization as there is only one. If any parts are ever needed to be cleaned, the carburator is accessed very easily. Beware of stock Virago carburetors as their pilot jets are fixed and many times can not be cleaned leaving you with a bike that is very sputtery unpleasent to ride. My bike was like this when I purchased it and it lead me down the path to the carburetor modification.  
Here is shot showing the carbon fiber carburetor boot flange. When I set it up I changed the jetting until it ran smooth and got good mileage. The low speed torque is excellent and the engine revs very well. I usually get between 44-50 mpg.