Northbrook/ Kenosha race photos 7/7-8/7
Eric Ware's Micro bike. 
Steve and Laverne Spencer's Hub steered low racer. 
I'm trying out Garries Greenspeed SLR. I don't understand the luggage rack. 
Getting ready for my 200 meter run. Cobra Lowracer 
more concentration 
Bex rolling in from 200 
Almost stopped 
The old Popcycle and new owner. He commutes 40 miles a day on it. sponsored bike, Warren. 
Rich Myers, myself and Rick Wianecki  
Trike of another style. 
The first of Tony's dreamland series.  
Rick Gritters warming up.  
some staging for the 100 lap race. 
We're getting ready. 
Trying to stay out of the sun.  
Rick Gritters getting buttoned in. 
Warren smiling. 
Notice the organic outriggers on the frankenwhiner 
Mike getting his rider buttoned into the Norus 
Eric Ware almost ready 
We're rolling. 
Liners on the backstretch. 
Dennis keeping it under control. 
All lanes full. 
Mix and match of racers. 
Popcycle lives. 
Outside of turn 1. 
Round and round 
Looking through the fence. Real artistic 
What you can't see is Rick's Propeller. 
Doing some leaning. 
Doin some drafting 
My velomobile doesn't need to lean. 
One more race left for me on Saturday. 
50 lap race grid 
Now the boys are smiling. 
A little further back on the grid 
A rare appearence of Garrie on a bike. 
On your mark. 
Zoom zoom 
Low is fast. 
Chris' lightweight brother. 
Too cool to skip. 
back under the fence  
Clairity returns with Sunday and a lens cleaning. Trike works great on banking.  
good view on Norus piloted by Jason. 
having fun. 
Jeff Hunn racing without the fairing.  
Im having fun. 
shows perspective. 
Top smooth, bottom funky 
Moby and Barracuda 2  
group shot 
Big crowd. Was over 90 degrees. 
Rich is modeling topless. 
Me after racing every event over the last 2 days, 6 sprints and 5 lap races. If you are not in any photos it was because that we spent the weekend racing rather than being a photographer.  
5 wheels and 126 years