The drive to Casa Grande
Becky and myself packed my Ford Mini van with the Varna II, two low racers, spares, tools, camping gear and everything else that would fit inside. We intended on spending two days on the road. We are someplace in Oklahoma at this point. 
On the way out I remembered that Myhee lived in Snowflake AZ. We decided that we would stop there and look him up. Every local that we talked to knew him and about where he lived but we were unsucessful in locating him. We did route ourselves through highway 60 though and found this magnificent gourge and winding mtn road. 
Here we are mugging it up for the camera. 
As we were about half way through the mountainous winding road we encountered a little rain. 
Just as we got out of the mountains we encountered a dust storm. Saw accidents where drivers plowed into one another. 
Welcome to Francisco Grande golf resort. Temperature 108 wind 54mph.