Nissan test track runs on Friday
For Friday there were two teams running bikes. Team Varna II and Steve Delaire. We went first. Rob wanted to do a lap with the top off the bike so we unloaded and he took off.  
Here we are pushing the taped up bike to the start line. We had 15 meters (49 feet) to hand launch Rob. I think it took about 20 feet by my recollection. He accelerated and I hopped into the chase car being driven by John Tetz with Paul Gracie in the other front seat. Rob picked up speed and was doing about 56 mph on lap two. The temperature was over 80 degrees and he began to slow by lap 3.  
Rob rode the bike rock steady. No wobbles.  
Rob gave it his total effort and finished with 49.84 miles in the hour giving him the long held British record of 47 miles held by Pat Kinch. Heat will determine the outcome of this event. Our team started making plans for a second attempt on Sunday.  
Rob relaxes after his run. After a few minutes we discussed what changes were going to make to the cooling system for Sunday's run.  
Steve was next up in the modified Big Gun. He had a beautiful flame paint job. He ran 4 laps before comming in from high temperatures.  
Rob takes his Bike Friday for a spin to keep loose. I have ridden this bike and it is an amazing folding road bike.  
We had the usual show and tell after the runs. Damjan's bike is now yellow. He told me that he has been living in California for the past 2 months.  
This is the nose of the "Big Gun". If you look close you can see the double humps.  
Here is the inside of the same bike.  
Freddy's bike is now showing a clear coat over the carbon. Very cool, well maybe not at Nissan.  
Rob Hitchcock's "Kyle Edge" 
Here I am on the banking. 
Trying to be a dilligent reporter. 
Oops, I almost forgot Matt's bike, "The Cutting Edge II"