First day at speed
We were able to launch Rob in the varna today with the top and canopy on it. He got away in about 20 feet. Having the top taped on well made it much more stable at launch. Ron Johnson went ahead to be our catcher about 4 miles down the road.  
Ron the "big man" just catches Rob between his knees. Rob says later that he was freewheeling much of the time because of traffic. He rode to 49 mph the same as Lisa Vetterlein on her first buttoned up run. Good karma.  
Home sweet home! Every time we paint and sand the bike we see another inperfection that needs filler. Rob had handled the bike beautifully with no accidents. 

Later in the afternoon some of the other riders, crew and officials start rolling in. Our team is on the early schedule, waking at 3:00AM and going to bed early. Sorry I didn't get any photos of them today.

Tomorrow we see the track for the first time. No cameras are allowed at the track Thursday. We will be able to take a tour of the running surface, evaluate the sun position and such.

More on Thursday night.